OPATIJA - the romantic spotlight of the Adriatic- private walking tour

Opatija, a charming seaside town rich in history and culture, has many fantastic locations, impressive monuments, landscaped parks and magnificent villas waiting to be discovered.
Starting from the Croatian Walk of Fame in Slatina, with marble stars dedicated to famous personalities, the tour continues to the small port of Portić. Next, we pass the Juraj Šporer Art Pavilion, the city's central exhibition venue, then the Park and the Church of St. James, the patron saint of the city, and after that the statue of the Girl with the seagull, which became the city's most favorite recognizable landmark.
The walking tour continues to Hotel Kvarner, the oldest in Croatia, whose annex Villa Amalia was once a favorite destination of the famous dancer Isidore Duncan. We continue to Villa Angiolina, which is located in the center of the park of the same name, the largest in Opatija. This villa, where modern tourism on the Adriatic coast was born, is today the seat of the Croatian Museum of Tourism, is today the headquarters of the Croatian Museum of Tourism, which also includes the nearby Swiss House, from where a walking tour of the city's main attractions passes by the statue dedicated to Friedrich Julius Schüler, the great visionary of tourism in Opatija. Some of the city's important guests, such as Albert Einstein and James Joyce, are depicted on the Wall of Fame, along which this walking tour leads to the final destination - the port of Opatija.

Price per tour: 120,00 €
Tour languages:
 german, english and italian 
Duration: 1,5 hours


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