Park of Nature Učka from 17,00 €

Park of Nature Učka from 17,00 €


Nature Park is a "spacious natural or partly cultivated land and/or sea area with ecological characteristics of international and national importance that are particularly valuable because of their landscape, cultural-historical heritage, educational or recreational potential”. In a nature park, activities that do not endanger its crucial characteristics are allowed. (Nature Protection Law).
The Učka Nature Park predominately symbolizes great variety of features within the relatively small area.
Thus, this is the only place on Earth where you can enjoy taking pictures of the endemic Učka's Bellflower (Campanula tomassiniana).

It is also one of the very last European sites where you can see impressive silhouettes that belong to Griffon Vulture (Gyps fulvus) or Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos).

If weather is clear the old tower-like observatory on the top of Vojak (1401 m) offers full 360° of breathtaking panorama: North Croatian islands, Italian Alps, Istrian Peninsula, limestone towers of Vranjska Draga Special Geomorphologic Reserve, Bay of Trieste…

However, to get a complete impression of the Park one shouldn’t skip its man-made heritage: feel the rural ambient of the mountain villages, taste some of our traditional food or just share your good vibrations at one the local festivals.
To conclude, Učka evolved over the centuries as a blend of natural richness and human history that deserves special care and protection.

The project Učka Outdoor provides opportunities for visitors to engage in various sporting and recreational activities in a unique natural surrounding of Učka Nature Park.

Possibility to engage in the following organised activities (with guidance, interpretation and education):
  • mountain climbing
  • trekking
  • free climbing
  • paragliding and hang-gliding
  • backpacking
  • mountain biking
  • speleo adventure (caving)
  • recreational horseback riding
  • bird watching
  • adventure racing

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